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Paul Daniels had a quote that was something to the effect of, "Magicians always ask me how they get on TV, I always say, well you haven't told the you're here!" As noted in the Encyclopedia of Magic (1949) the publicist should be your best friend as a magician.

That being said it is important to note that Penn & Teller Fool Us is casting for Season 8. Season 7 is premiering January 2021 (With multiple members of The Cull being featured). However YOU can submit for the next season, here's how:

  1. We cant give too many details, but remember, Hollywood audience have been a mixed bag of virtual and live. That being said Vegas is still pretty shut down. Maybe it would be a good idea to plan your act as if there is no audience. That sure would take a lot of the effort out for the producers. Considering most people don't even consider the audience your tape has a 100% chance of getting thrown out if it relies on more than 3 people. IF the audience is virtual that is. But do you want to risk that?

  2. No you don't

  3. The producers are a swanky duo named Andrew & Lincoln. They vet all the acts with the production team

  4. Your act does not have to be perfect. If you have a general idea and a structure for the act, the show has magic consultants as well as writers to help you out.

  5. We have heard rumors that there is a rehearsal

  6. Fool is expenses paid. There are also rumors of a fee being paid to magicians who perform

  7. We CANNOT tell you the email to Fool Us. However, we can say that most shows have emails that end in "casting" to get seen by that department. If I wanted to reach out to America's Got Talent, for instance, I would probably try AGTCasting@ Something something- (If you really want it, we gave enough hints)

  8. Last but not least, the best way to get on , In our opinion...Ask someone who has done it. They will have the email, the connection and the ability to provide an intro.

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