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Viral Prank Perfectly Illustrates Just How Low US News Budgets Really Are

Justin Flom is a well known magician, AGT Finalist and content creator with millions of views on Facebook, Tik-Tok and Instagram. His success on the platforms seem to have resulted out of an alliance with Rick Lax, Jibrizy, Paul Vu and other notable names with questionable levels of respect on magic.

This respect is a fluctuating spectrum based on the extremely arbitrary thought of these creators. This group which can only be described as a magic "Hype House" creates content which one could argue is at fault for spreading misinformation and staging content.

One such video is one of a woman who put her gum on the hair of the woman in front of her on an airplane. The video suggest since the woman had her hair covering the the passenger's seat, she had the right to assault her with a semi-permanent reminder of the importance of helping not spread Covid-19.

The New York Post, Yahoo News and many others we can only assume lack the staff capable of googling the woman mentioned, as if they would have, they would have seen she is no other than Janelle Elise Flom wife of aforementioned internet prank god Justin Flom; a magician.

It doesn't take Batman to figure out that the hair is actually a wig, and people in the comments are shamelessly vocal to point out the fact.

The question is:

Is Flom making bad/misleading content on purpose with the goal of the engagement from salty commenters?

For example, if the wig is obvious, then eager internet sleuths will loudly proclaim their findings in the comments. That leads to a higher than average comment rate. If there's one thing people love more than leaving a positive comment, its calling out fake shit on the internet. That high engagement tricks the algorithm into thinking people are commenting because they like it. Since there's no drugs and nudity you cannot report the video, so it seems positive (to the algorithm). The comments create a never ending treadmill of internet mythbusters innocuously promoting Flom's content as he Thanos Chuckles in the corner soaking up millions.

Is this wrong or is this smart?

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