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The Last Time Magicians Met in Person

Sometime in January 2020 a mysterious invitation appeared in the inbox of around 200 of the best Magicians in the world. It announced a confirmation of a rumor, that the #1 Card brand in America: Bicycle Cards would be merging with one of the oldest playing card companies in the world the United States Playing Card Company. The event was to take place at New York's As Is Bar (Rumored to be owned by a Magician).

Upon entering the intimate venue packed with magicians, flourishers, mentalists and journalist you may have seen a few faces. We assume many more were invited and/or couldn't make it. We also heard rumors of various Instagram magicians who were said to have been invited .

-Joshua Jay: Author

of multiple magic books including Big Magic for Little Hands. Guest on James Corden, Producer of NYC Magic Show 6 impossible Things

-Chris Ramsey: Youtuber/Magician with Hundreds of millions of views. In 2020 Chris earned his own self produce show on Facebook.

-Devontae Magic:

Devontae stopped through the party looking fashionable as always. Since Quarantine started he has gained over 100,000 organic followers performing magic for influencers and clarities over zoom

Wes Barker:

We is the commonly naked beer drinking Canadian Magician featured on Fool Us with a fencing sabre. With multiple self produced comedy specials under his belt, Wes decided to take his talents to Youtube in the form of comedic skits. He has racked up tens of millions of views in his viral videos since the beginning of Quarantine. Rumor has it he is working on a TV show with Chris Ramsey.

-Michelle Quinn:

The Marketing Manager for Murphy's Magic made an Appearance. Murphy's has since gone through a small personnel change since quarantine.

-Xavier Spade was in attendance, This Youtube magician has gained tend of thousand s of subscribers, launched a magic company and is known for his near impossible pass. He must be super

-Ondrej Psenicka is an Award Winning Czech Magician who fooled Penn and Teller. He was buzzing off the fact that he was about to launch a new limited deck of his signature Butterfly Playing Cards with Murphy's. We wonder if they came out despite Covid.

-Lee Asher

THE man the myth the legend. This man looked like an unsuspecting onlooker however his fingers were flicking and flourishing with expert precision. He was teaching 1-on-1 tutorials on the Asher Twist outside.

Ryan Plunket: A frequent guest of the Chicago Magic lounge Magician and Author Ryan Plunkett graced the Party with his presence.

FrankSung: Iconic Cardist Frank was spotted with his signature textured playing cards and stlish specs. He could be spotted in the far corner flourishing with other notable names.

John Stessel:

We may have seen him, but it was quick. Will update.