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Magicians THIS is Why you HAVE to stop Auditioning for America's Got Talent

Here's a list of 6 things you didn't know about the show...

1.They call you. Ask anyone who has gotten further than the 2nd round. The casting department at America's Got Talent is constantly searching the internet for acts, the ones tat make it are TYPICALLY contacted first and asked to audition. The best part about that, you can skip the line and go straight to performing for the judges.

Very rarely does an act on America's Got Talent get to the final round that was not originally contacted by the producers, or the people in charge of who gets seen. The acts that succeed are typically chosen a predetermined acts of interest that usually represent an interesting subset of America. ex: Goth opera singer, elderly comedian, blind singer

2. You Aren't that good.

I know, you think you are fucking incredible. Everyone at your mom's job says "You should go on American Idol!"

-"You mean America's Got Talent..." You reply.

People have NO idea what it takes to make it on TV. DO NOT overestimate you, being the best magician they have seen (that day) does not mean you HAVE to compete. You get once chance, two if you are amazing...but if you are reading this you should focus on your first appearance and making it strong.

3. They don't mean it.

About 6 months into magic part of the high is hearing "You should go on America's Got Talent!". It's the nice thing to say, after all...what is the next step to become professional after you force unsolicited magic on an unsuspecting future victim. Just because you hear it from people who are getting to see your magic for free, does not mean millions of people would find it entertaining.

4. Shit is NOT easy. Remember for every 1 person on tv, they probably had 1000 people hoping it was them. There are so many thousands of people who audition, unaware of the process for selection. Though it is not impossible to get on AGT from a walk on, you will save time and your expectations by assuming you have a 1/50,000 chance.

5. Are you special?

Not like "I'm showing people what a magician could look like" or "I don't wear a suit because it is outdated"-special, but truly original in look, magic, story or personality? If you live in Ohio and you are a 5'9" man with a white shirt with a line about magic "changing perception or psychology", you have to assume every state they go to has 5 of you. If the only thing that makes you different is something subjective and based on luck, it's a no from me dawg.

6. Be prepared. The audition is NOT all it is cracked up to be, if it was...they would show people walking outside. After waiting in line for hours if not days you then audition for 1 or more producers (who decides who gets to even go on stage). We have also heard reports that there can be 2-3 rounds that you can be rejected in before being allowed to actually go on stage.

Here's the catch.

Not only do you have to be 1 in 5000 picked as a unique talent, but even if you go on stage they have absolutely NO responsibility to ( according to the contract) to:

  1. Air or provide a copy of the footage. Meaning the most likely scenario is that they will never see you on TV.

  2. There is no obligation to make you look good. I have seen X's being edited in when people actually cheer, fake audience members and fabricated "booing". There are entertainers who made it to round 3 and they have doctored the footage to make it seem like they were Booed off in the first round. Why ? Because it is good TV.

Remember, we as magicians get cocky. We think "everyone loves magic of course they will want me!" No one really cares. There are LITERALLY 10,000 magicians in America who would kill their assistants just for a chance to lick Simon Cowell's left toe. You are replaceable and there is 1000% someone more skilled with a better attitude. The show is about making money. The whole show in reality is a big YouTube video, designed to sell you Snapple. They only care about what makes good TV, not your feelings. No matter what they tell you.

We will be releasing a blog on how you can get on AGT AND get seen next week 1/1/2021. While you wait here are some tips:

  1. AGT Typically starts production in the winter vetting potential acts before they even audition anyone.

  2. DO NOT, WE REPEAT be that guy( or lady) that goes on AGT KNOWING it isn't there time so that they can have a friend sit in the audience and record a cell phone video of the audition. If your clip did not air, It is not a TV credit to post behind the scenes. At best it is deceptive, at worst it shows a lack of work ethic to get real attention. Do better, wait for them to call you, it's coming.

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