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Magic might be turning into Hip-Hop, Well Maybe

A common quote in the Rap game is that rappers want to be Basketball players and Basketball Players want to be rappers. The crossover between the two is untenable, but is there a correlation in magic? We are now seeing Singer Jason Derulo soar to the top of viral fame on Tik Tok partnering with internet "Magician" Zach King. Notorious nerdiwell Jibrizy has been spotted doing magic to everyone from Famous Dex to Taylor Benett, as well as having a (luke-warmly received) show for Complex News. We are seeing hip-hop being incorperated into magic with magicians like Sabrina Soto of spain. We are even seeing magic incorperated in Rap shows with Dan White Being Kanye's illusion consultant.

Magic is evolving becoming more gritty and stylistic. It is becoming the norm to see magicians in hoodies, tracksuits and a crispy pair of Jordan's over a pair of dovetails.

Magic is even taking after hip-hop in the form of beef with many magicinas taking to small platforms on social media to extemporaneously spout stories of times they have been "slighted" by other magicians. Most notable to emerge from Covid: Calen Morelli.

Much like Hip-hop though the demographic is far more liberal than the typical skew of magicians sexism and homophobia still runs rampant in the community; a subject magician Kayla Drescher visits frequently on her podcast Shezam.

Is magic becoming more hip-hop or are these just general changes? Comment on our Instagram!

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