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Is @seandoesmagic singlehandedly destroying magic


An adorable grin, a tap on the shoulder and a "Hey Sean!" is all you need to get sucked into the endless worm hole that is his slightly amateur yet admittedly addicting page. Sean is not a fantastic magician. His technique is raw, his scripting is obvious and his magic is frequently frankly stolen; however is the goal is to get views and get the bag, Sean is definitely succeeding.

With over 35 million Tik Tok followers and 1/3 Billion likes, there's no doubt Sean has 2 phones. The question is what does an 18 year-old do with an estimated net worth of $800,000? Nerf guns? Netflix & Chill T-shirts?

The world may never know.

But one thing is for sure. The D'amelio sisters were just offered a Hulu Original show. Someone with her audience (100 Million) is at a level to attain around $50,000 by our estimates. Sean is not far behind and he is well known as the face of Tik Tok Magic.

The question is-

Does the renewal and interest in magic due to Sean negate the fact that he is getting wealth stealing material and teaching magic that he doesn't own?

Our answer:


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