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Ellusionist Finally Signed a New Magician: and His New Project is Stunning

This time last year (2019) Nevin Sanchez was teaching magic at China's First Summer Magic Program For Youmei Camps (Hangzhou)

He headed to the camp to teach magic for the first time ti hundreds of children from across China.

After returning Nevin set his sights on becoming a full time performer. His plans as many of ours were, was thwarted by Covid-19. With few options Sanchez the fresh marketing graduate decide to get a temporary job as a barista to help pass the time as he continued creating.

Nevin can credit his consistency for his success. Nevin has been making tutorials, downloads and effects for television for years. His hyper visual in the hand style is the reason it has attracted attention from the biggest magicians in magic including Shin Lim and Chris Ramsay.

In the fall of 2020 Nevin was contacted by Cody Nottingham of Ellusionist; One of the largest manufacturers of magic in the world. Nevin's patience payed off and he was asked to join Ellusionist as an artist/creator after years of helping with various freelance projects.

Nevin has an effect called tongue twister, taking the idea of tying a knot in a cherry stem. He decided to use that concept to magically melt a ring onto a rubber band using your mouth (no volunteers required).

We are excited to see what 2021 has to offer for Nevin.

See more about Nevin Here:

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