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Caleb Alexander: Why He Doesn't Want You To Know About him

Caleb alexander is not the typical magician. His good looks and explosive stage charisma are just a few reasons why he was one of the most successful magicians in America (Pre-Covid).

So he's touring the world performing Rockstar level magic at 19 (Maybe 20) years old, why haven't you heard of him?

The 5 Reasons Caleb is killing the game:

1. Caleb is young, something that can typically hurt an emerging artist when navigating social media. However Caleb seems to prefer staying outside of the magic community.

2. This ensures a drama-free brand as well as a great reputation. This isn't to say however, that he is unknown. Caleb has won awards for his stage magic in the past, as well as been recognized by the IBM and multiple greats in magic.

3. He's from Charleston! A magician once said "If you want to get big, don't take over the world, take over your town. Caleb has truly become a local celebrity in Charleston, creating a strong fanbase.

4. He's been touring for years as an illusionist. In 2016 at 17 years old he embarked on a 50 city tour with barely more than a duffel bag. Since then he has been crushing it ever since.

5. He's Smart. He knows how to hit the right market. Illusionists are one of the highest paid magical artists (next to mentalists) and Caleb performs live theater shows; maximizing the seating space. On top of that he also sells custom merch and magic kits at his shows. What kid wouldn't want a magic kit when they see what they could be in 10 years? Caleb has since completed over 250 shows/year.

6. He knows his brand. If you were to talk to him he would probably tell you that his goal is to change the perspective of what a modern magician looks like. Many people say that, however few have the "it" factor to support such bold claims. Does Caleb have it? If he doesn't, he has a fantastic marketing team.

There's a lot that can be learned from watching Caleb Alexander. You can follow his journey on Instagram here

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