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2020 Was Awful for Everyone BUT...

Listen, we aren't saying that 2020 didn't absolutely suck for everyone involved, but what we are saying is if you are Devonte Roserero you may be a little bit better off than most.

If you have been paying attention you may have seen that Devontae (@devontaemagic) has absolutely destroyed the Instagram algorithm in the last 8 months gaining hundreds of thousands of organic followers/fans. We know what you are thinking "followers are not fans, they do not equal cash flow".

However, Devontae unlike many magicians on social media puts out consistent, simple, quality content. Instead of building up a fanbase of finicky trolls as many social media magicians have seemed to have created with their quarantine-audiences, Devontae seems to have a relatively strong fan base.

In short,

people watch his videos. They are clever, well thought out, digestible vignettes with the flavor of New York City peppered into the aesthetic.

Reasons why you need to watch Devontae:

You should be scared of Devontae. He is crushing gigs across New York from some pretty luxurious clientele.

-His following is growing everyday with his Instagram hitting 200K most likely this week.

-He never sleeps...this man is always awake. Whether he is going live showing his chops on Instagram, performing a late night gig on a yacht or just jamming out on his story with a buddy.

-He Boxes

C'mon this is just cool.

-He doesn't fixate on the magic community. Devontae doesn't focus on awards or lecturing to magicians, or really even getting other magicians to like him. It is very clear that his focus is on making great content and using that content to book shows. We see talented magicians get too wrapped up on the opinion of the magic community way too often. We are glad this is not the case.

We are happy to see a young magician get what they deserve in such a hard year. We look forward to seeing what 2021 has in store for Devontae.


You thought the article was over, but what is a Cull article without an analysis and an ove-rexpicatory graph?

How did Devontae explode on social media and leverage that to make actual money. He followed a step by step algorithm hacking strategy to get Instagram to organically push his content. Here's What he did:

  1. He would choose an influencer (someone with typically 50,000+ followers) to go live with on Instagram, performing a mini live streamed magic show

  2. He captured the reactions

  3. He reposted the best reactions as content in multiple segments

  4. He leveraged the viewers of the live by shouting himself out during performances gaining massive followers

  5. He posts GOOD content. He hasn't fallen into the trap of overly scripted or obviously fake content for clout.

  6. He USED the platform he was given

  7. The live videos would have thousands of live viewers who were stuck at home in quarantine boosting the strength of the content.

Chris Hanowell


On the other end of the spectrum we have magician Chris Hanowell. While Chris does not have an exorbitant amount of followers, social media is a game of quality and consistency. That being said Chris is doing better than most magicians in terms of producing content.

He frequently goes live not necessarily aiming for numbers but to show quality magic with those interested. This has allowed his to have a really active and engaged follower-base.

Chris Just posts good magic with an un-corny vibe on a consistent basis. A lot of magicians could learn from Chris and his growth in their never-ending pursuit of clout. Chris is an accomplished magician with a few notable credits including a lengthy appearance on adult swim.

We would not be surprised to see Chris on Penn & Teller's Fool Us or America's Got talent in the coming years.

Check out our blogs on the secrets of Fool Us & AGT !

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