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YOU choose the perfect entertainer for your unique event, virtual or social distanced. Try our 3-min quiz to be instantly matched with a suggested entertainer 

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Fresh takes on variety and entertainment. Not for the feint of heart.

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What We Are 

A boutique style entertainment agency working in conjunction with the hottest variety acts in the United States.  We have a unique collection of artist in every corner of the United States.


This allows YOU to CHOOSE an entertainer that fits your event, rather than a one size fits all solution or exorbitant travel fees. We feature an option where you can put you event details into a quiz where the algorithm determines which performer we would suggest for you event.

The Cull (Cull for short) moonlights as a blog with the latest news, honest reviews and raw commentary on the state of magic today. 



  1. select from a large quantity; obtain from a variety of sources.

The Cull aims to please no one, waters no bridges and is 100% unapologetic (unless we make an honest mistake, in which we will promptly apologize and act accordingly).​


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Socially Distant Live shows

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All of our artist are professional magicians that you have seen everywhere from Penn & Teller's Fool Us, to the New York Times. They are all available for public and private shows. We picked a roster of performers from around the US to ensure diverse array of options with various backgrounds and secondary skills ex. Mindreading, Hypnosis, Parkour, Comedy, Public speaking

Virtual Shows


Theaters are out, Zoom is in. Though it is too late to buy stock in this company it isn't too late to be early on the trend. People across the country are allegedly spicing up their cooperate/private zoom meetings with entertainment. A 15-40 minute virtual show is the prefect ice breaker that your event goers wont have to pretend to enjoy. Make the right decision.

TV/Film/Speaking Appearances


We have a variety of magicians who are experts in everything from Epidemiology, the History of Black Magicians, Marketing, Social Justice and everything in-between. The best part about having a magician guest appear is that they can also do the impossible. Why settle for a normal expert when yours can tell the future and read minds?



So you need help with creating a new trick? Licensing and branding? A consultant for a television show? Do you want to get on the News? The entertainment industry has high barriers to entry for emerging and even established artists. 

So What do you need  to break through?

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Our Artists

Honestly, we relate more to a record label than a traditional entertainment agency. If you look at the average agency they try to convince you that their list of entertainers (who all look like different angles of the same person) are all unique yet individually qualified for your event. We do not believe this. 

We at The Cull believe that your event is a baby and it takes particular care to turn in to something great (and not have the police involved, hopefully). That is why each one of our performers is different, diverse.  Not that surface level Pepsi Commercial Bullshit; but diverse in opinion, style and experience. We bring you a cull (a collection) of the best entertainers from TV, Youtube, National News and even your favorite magic shops around the U.S. 

We tailor the entertainment to your event, you just...

Enjoy The Show

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